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Death Comes Unnaturally

I am a stonehearted, cold-blooded murderer. At least, that’s what others say of me. I prefer the term killer. It just seems, more colloquial, less intended. In addition, I like the play on words, and since I only kill women, my choice of ‘killer’ becomes ‘kill her!’ An inside joke that I find funny, but one you might not get.

Some have also labelled me a ‘psychopath,’ and I enjoy that label because I agree with it! No one would ever guess I run a multimillion-dollar company creating video games, but I do. By day, I’m a jeans-clad, T-shirt wearing businessman creating violent games for the masses who feed on killing gravatars without consequences. By night, I roam Central Park cloaked in my dark blue garb and polished black oxfords looking for stupid women who should’ve listened to their parents and not go out alone in the dark, especially in Central Park. It never ceases to amaze me how many women ignore that piece of good advice. I think perhaps they have an unsoiled notion that death comes unnaturally to other people, not themselves. That’s too bad – for them, but great for me and my hobby! Those creatures that think they’re invincible feed my insatiable hunger for murder and mayhem! I crave the sight and taste of blood, and if I could experience emotion, it’s probably the closest I can get to happy.

I’m a celebrity these days. I see the news; I hear them calling me a Serial Killer, and I smile at that title. I’ve definitely earned it. Seventeen women so far, since I began feeding my desires, and since no one knows who I am, I’m planning to continue my hobby. I’m hoping I can beat Theodore Robert Cowell, aka Ted Bundy’s record! As far as I know, reports state he admitted to killing over 100 people, though not all were women. My plan is to kill far more than that, only I want all my victims to be women! I feel darned accomplished, and I know the system backwards and forwards, so I think I can beat my idols record and not break a sweat.

I have quite the year ahead of me and I’m excited to ratchet up the stakes, and I believe I can do that since its early spring and the girls are crawling out of the woodwork! All these babes running through the park trying to get their bloated winter bodies in shape for summer fun; it’s almost too easy. Too bad some of them won’t get to enjoy their summers, slipping into skimpy bikinis, hanging onto their boyfriends arms as they strut their stuff at the beach. They’ll wish they went to the gym instead.


Last evening was quite the thrill for me as the sun slowly waned. I went walking in the park, looking for my next victim, and I found her. She was stunning too, even if she was flushed and sweaty from her run. She had the most gorgeous head of jet hair, long and pulled into a ponytail. Her turquoise eyes were the truest turquoise I’ve ever seen; it was almost a shame I choose her, but she was so satisfying. I couldn’t help myself. I really enjoyed Jess, and she never for a second saw it coming! Oh sure, she was apprehensive at first, just like the others, but after I introduced myself, showing her my credentials, she relaxed; just like the others. Works every time!

We sat on a park bench for a long while, talking. I shared my adventures as a video game developer and she shared that she specifically loved my, ‘Murder in the Dark’ game. Said she played it every chance she got when she wasn’t on a modeling gig. That made me happy, or as happy as I can get, and it made me feel more connected to her; we had something in common. I’d decided right then, I’d make it a point of asking future selections if they liked playing video games, because the feeling of being that connected amped up the excitement even more!

I not going to bore you with the conversations we had. It was ‘getting to know you’ stuff and not stimulating at all, but I think she really liked me and thought maybe she had a shot at dating me, which made me giddy, since I already knew where this chance meeting was heading. I will confess, I did give pause to my plans for a hot second, but quickly dismissed it when my hunger overpowered my need for a date.

That hunger always begins the same way with a juicy, hot metallic taste in my mouth. I guess I’m like a German shepherd; once I get a taste of blood, I want more. I feel charged up, like I’ve been sucking on an electrical cable full of juice, and my loins get tingly. My hands and legs grow numb and my vision narrows to a pinprick as I focus on one aspect on my woman’s face. This time, it was Jess’s turquoise eyes. They were simply stunning. Her smile was beautiful too, all those glistening, perfect teeth, but they scared me at the same time! All I could think of was how easily they could bite through my flesh.

When I’m in the zone, I can actually feel my mind disconnecting from reality, the longer I focus on a part of my woman’s face, and then anger rushes over me, consuming me. Not sure why that happens. I don’t really understand it, but a while ago, a therapist said it had something to do with being angry with my mom. I disagreed. My mom died when I was five, so I don’t think I have any reason to be upset with her, other than she died when I was five, but that wasn’t her fault. So no, I don’t think it has anything to do with my mom. And, just in case you’re wondering, I don’t have a specific type. I choose any hair color, eye color and body type, so none of my victims reminds me of mom either. So long as they’re female, they’re fair game for me.

I acted as if I was smitten with her; she played coy with me, trying to entice me to ask her out on a date. Though, when I leaned in to kiss her, she backed away, and I could feel a little fear take hold of her. She stood to leave. I know I moved too fast for her, but I already knew what was going to happen. I actually did ask her out on a date, just to put her at ease once again, and it worked. She sat back down beside me and we resumed our flirting. I asked myself if I would’ve pursued her had she actually walked away, but that didn’t happen, so it’s moot. I leaned in again to kiss her, and this time, she responded. She had the nicest lips, and I have to say, I really enjoyed it!

We held hands as we went for a stroll further into the park; she was relaxed. We were somewhere close to the center, the day turned into dusk and I saw my chance, the park mostly empty. I pulled her behind a boulder, and as she was about to protest, I placed my lips against hers and gave her the smokiest kiss I could. She seemed to like it, so I ran my hand over her body and I felt her nipples responding. She confessed she’d never done anything like this in public before and she groaned loudly when I placed my hand between her legs, fondling her. Things got rough for her after that, and I can’t give you any details, because I don’t recall all of them, other than, I slipped a garrote from my pocket; I seemed to disappear completely into another place.

For the record, a garrote is not my weapon of choice. That would be my hunting knife! The serrated edge does a nice job of mangling their beautiful faces and sexual organs, and I almost feel like Jack the Ripper! I keep that stowed in its sheath down the back of my pants, uncomfortable, yes, but necessary to get the job done.

After I had my morning coffee, I had an incredible experience as I stood with a group of spectators near the crime scene. An inspector was there, dressed in a makeshift hazmat suit so he didn’t sully the area, examining the body of poor Jess who was already in a body bag, her blood seeping through the cheap canvas, and I was hoping they’d put me to work since I was wearing my Police uniform. Did I tell you, I used to be a N.Y.C. cop? I still have my old badge too. Is it any wonder those women trusted me? However, I’d like to believe it’s my charm.