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Tune in to see what I’m reading along with a short review of the story.

Just finished Duma Key by: Stephen King

I actually liked this book. Though it was a fairly lengthy read for me, since I only read at bedtime and on chilly, dreary, rainy or snowy days, and since I write myself, it took three weeks to finish it and I enjoyed it.

This story was primarily set in the keys off Florida’s coast . . . a fictional Island known as, Duma Key, where most of the action to come takes place. Surrounded by the ocean, there are creepy things that ride the tide onto the shores of the mostly vegetated grounds and some things don’t stay on the sand either; they work their way into meeting the human inhabitants, the few that live there, and they come with purpose.  Not wanting to give any spoilers, let me simply say, “The shells are ever talking to Edgar Freemantle under big pink and the sunsets are ever, red.

One thing I really like about King’s books is he writes terrific characters! Whether I want to or not, I always end up rooting for somebody; usually the protagonist, but in Duma Key, there were several characters I rooted for since there were several supporting protagonists in this story. In fact, if I’m truthful, I actually bonded closer with one of the sidekicks, Jerome Wireman, a retired lawyer due to circumstance, rather than age. He was loveable, engrossing and tempered the main character, Edgar Freemantle and who also took care of a little old lady known as Libbet back in her day.

Usually Kings’ endings leave me a little flat, but not this one. It wrapped up nicely, though I will say, it didn’t leave me wanting more, so on a scale of one to ten with ten being an excellent review, I would rate this book a healthy seven.