I am what I am, and that is what it is!

I am what I am, and that is what it is!

Hi There!
I’m a fiery redhead with a personality to match! I’ve been creating stories since I was very young, but all that creativity was shelved for a very long time while I chose to attend other life matters, and for the last seven years, I must confess, I’ve caught a bug; the WRITING BUG that is!

A few months back, I finally finished my humorous memoir that took me seven years to write, but it’s finished and I can’t tell you how happy I am about that. It was completely freeing to finally have it off my desk!

Today, I write almost anything, but I favor the horror/supernatural genre and these days, I’m penning two horror/supernatural novels at the very same time, and I love it! I enjoy having multiple projects going at the same time; if I hit a creative wall on one, I simply move to the other, and when neither one is speaking to me, I meander away for a few days and write a couple of short stories or a novella, or I go and learn something I didn’t know before, but I always get my projects finished. And I enjoy being a well-rounded writer!

Lately I’ve begun the somewhat terrifying journey into the land of submissions, though I think I can handle it, so no worries. I’ve been submitting my short stories to competitions and am beginning to submit to Literary Magazines too, so we’ll see how this adventure turns out; so far, so good.

On a normal day, you’ll find me sitting outside, laptop or pen and tablet in hand, writing my heart out and breathing fresh air listening to birdsong, while reveling in my passion and bleeding my soul onto the pages of my stories . . .and, oh how I bleed . . .