Lots of News.. 1ST PLACE WINS

Well, to start . . . The story posted here on my previous blog, titled ‘Death Comes Unnaturally,’ I’m EXCITED to share WON 1st place http://www.shortstoryflashfictionsociety.com/ So honored to be chosen! My first PRIZE win, EVER! 😀 I will forever be grateful for juicing my spirits, and as if I’m not addicted enough to writing, pushing me to write harder, faster and throw all caution to the winds!


And, in other news, my story titled, ‘The Wilderness of Chaos’ submitted here: https://thetsuruokafiles.wordpress.com/ in week: 3.13 WON 1st place also! This is beyond great news having TWO 1st place wins this week. I’ve been battling personal issues the last two weeks, and feel as though I’ve been in a writing slump, but I’m REVIVED now, and nothing’s gonna stop me from going for my dreams and goals! Here is my newest badge!



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