Honored Beyond Belief!

I’m a bit behind on my upkeep here, but want to share with you how honored I am that my story, ‘The Road Only Bends for the Mountain’ submitted to  https://thetsuruokafiles.wordpress.com/ ! won 1st place! This is incredible! Follow the link to see mine, and other oh, so talented Writers’ stories. When you get there, under recent posts, click on Mid-week Blues Buster week 3.10 to see all the incredible stories posted!

Here’s what our Judge, Angie Trafford had to say:

@PattyannMc – the road only bends for the mountain – this is a story that leaves you wondering what exactly happened to the protagonist. All that is left behind are the thoughts of what could have been. When the road finally bends she finds that she has been forgiven. I absolutely love this story, very well done.

And my newest badge of honor:


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