Holy . . . WOW! First Place . . .

I JUST learned my story, ‘SOME OTHER TIME’ won FIRST place on theangryhourglass website and I can’t tell you how incredibly honored and excited I am at this news!

My thanks to Judge F.E. Clark for choosing my story, and a big CONGRATULATIONS to Catherine Connolly and Mark A. King for standing on the winners podium with me!

I’m invited to stand as a Judge of this competition the weekend of July 24th through July 25th and as scary as that sounds, I’m going for it; getting my feet wet as it were! I hope I can do this justice – No! I’m certain I can do this justice.

Just a quickie here today, but I’ll be back, and soon to showcase some writing and Writers! Until then . . .I’m Just Me, and damn it feels good today! 🙂

Momma, I wish you were here to share this with me, but I’m certain you are, even though I can’t see you with my eyes anymore . . . I love you . . . Always . . .You made me who I am . . . Thank you . . .

2 thoughts on “Holy . . . WOW! First Place . . .

    1. Pattyann McCarthy Post author

      Aw, thank you sweetie! I wouldn’t be here without YOU darling! You’re the one who kept pushing me to stick with it. I owe you EVERYTHING! Baby steps for now, but I’m stepping in the right direction!


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