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Holy . . . WOW! First Place . . .

I JUST learned my story, ‘SOME OTHER TIME’ won FIRST place on theangryhourglass website and I can’t tell you how incredibly honored and excited I am at this news!

My thanks to Judge F.E. Clark for choosing my story, and a big CONGRATULATIONS to Catherine Connolly and Mark A. King for standing on the winners podium with me!

I’m invited to stand as a Judge of this competition the weekend of July 24th through July 25th and as scary as that sounds, I’m going for it; getting my feet wet as it were! I hope I can do this justice – No! I’m certain I can do this justice.

Just a quickie here today, but I’ll be back, and soon to showcase some writing and Writers! Until then . . .I’m Just Me, and damn it feels good today! 🙂

Momma, I wish you were here to share this with me, but I’m certain you are, even though I can’t see you with my eyes anymore . . . I love you . . . Always . . .You made me who I am . . . Thank you . . .

My Flash Story ‘Intervention’ took 3rd place!


I am so incredibly honored and jazzed that my flash fiction piece took 3rd place in Micro Bookends flash fiction competition! It’s my first competition win – ever! Not a 1st place win, but I placed, and that’s okay. Baby steps, and I’m stepping in the right direction and so, this is monumental! Here’s what Judge, Geoff Le Pard had to say about my story . . . MY story!

3rd Place
Intervention by Pattyann McCarthy
Here is a live story told in 100 words. Elsie is a relic of the past, fighting her corner and for others amongst newly infiltrating gangs. She assumes she’s left alone because she is an anomaly but in fact it’s because she is the legend of the streets. Of all the stories this contained so much, allowing me to imagine a whole life spent and imagine the future too. Excellent.

This story was based on word and picture prompts given at the start of each competition. The word prompts were ‘Urban Legend,’ which must ‘bookend’ the beginning and end of the story, and the photo prompt was a picture of a photographer in a room lined with mirrors.

And now, here’s my story that snagged 3rd place!


Urban sprawl is just another day for Elsie, one of a handful of ancient Caucasians living in the area. There for decades, she refuses to move. She’s home in the backstreets of Chinatown, actually enjoying the suffocating stench of fish markets, and nearly everyone knows her.

She’s taken on the street gangs plenty, her bravado saving herself and others in need; standing against a knife, or talking down a shooter, interrupting fights amongst feuding, roaming crews. She’s saved lives, snapping their photos for posterity.

She figures the hoods view her as a relic, leaving her alone, but the hoods see her differently. To them, she’s an ancient legend.

Off to writing some more and see what kind of trouble I can get into next, because, well, you know, I’m Just Me . . . 😀

After the Sadness

It’s been a while since I’ve looked at or added to my website. As some of you may already know, I lost my beautiful mom four weeks ago. It’s been the most painful experience of my life, and the most profound. I haven’t had the mental or emotional energy to come here to write lately, it hurt too much to think of having to make this entry, because mom was my most ardent and most loyal supporter. She’d always ask me if I posted anything new, and was always the first to read my scribblings, and now she’s gone, and it hurts to move on with this, or anything, without her by my side championing me onwards.

Some days are okay, four weeks after losing her, and some days I can barely breathe. It’s the littlest things that bring tears to my eyes too, like making a cup of tea in the evening when I’m winding my day down to a close. I always made two cups; one for her, and one for me and we’d enjoy then together watching our favorite shows, and now, with her gone, some nights, I still reach for her tea cup and teabag. I haven’t been able to remove her tea cup from the cabinet yet, I know I’m not ready to do that. Maybe one day, but today is not that day.

It’s been a struggle for me, knowing I have looming deadlines for the next several months, two of them, the end of June, and at first, the desire to write anything just wasn’t there. I couldn’t see past the wall of grief. I’ve finally begun moving again as far as pushing myself to sit down and write, and at first, it felt dreadful; like somehow I was moving on without her, but then it dawned on me, mom wouldn’t want me to stop writing. She wouldn’t want me to quit, not that I was thinking of doing that, but I know she’d want me to meet these deadlines coming up, she wouldn’t want me to bog down in grief. Her biggest dream was to see her kids achieve what it is we want to achieve, and so, I’m picking up speed on the writing track and finding my groove once again. And, the thought that she isn’t present to support me is ridiculous. I think, just because I can’t see her, doesn’t mean she isn’t with me in some way. I know she’s still supporting me, just on the other side of the veil.

This is why I’ve been away for a bit, and I just wanted you to know, I’m not stopping. I’m going for the gold ring, just like she’d want if she were here. She’s one of those who pushed me and lifted me when I thought I wanted to stop, but she didn’t let me. I’m blessed that she was still with me physically when a few of my stories were published for the first time! I’m so happy she got to live the experience with me, and share that incredible high that comes with your first time published. I’ll always remember the joy on her face and the look of utter pride in her eyes that day when I found out I was going to be published! I’m blessed to have those memories with her, and I’m blessed to have had her as my mom. I’ll always miss her, but I know, she’s always close by when I stumble. All I have to do is close my eyes and breathe, and I can feel her near me.

I won’t stop momma, and we’ll still make it happen together because you’re always in my heart and mind. 0326121945a