Monthly Archives: March 2015

:) Just a quick note

Woohoo! My newest short fiction titled, ‘Retribution’ is finished. I love writing short and flash fiction. The gratification is so immediate, and the reviews, whether good or bad are almost instantaneous.

Now to find a good home for it, while I move on to finish a flash fiction piece I started a few days ago. Excited!

I’m here!

It’s tough juggling all kinds of tasks and activities, as you’re probably aware of in your own life. And, it seems the more social media sites that go up, the thinner my time spreads. While I know it’s important to stay connected in as many ways as I possibly can, I spend the majority of my time writing my stories, researching good places to send them too, and taking care of my family, and I’ll bet you’re just the same!

It’s hard to figure out how to spend each minute of the day, and I promise you, I am doing my very best. Like you, I have a lot of issues demanding my attention, but ultimately, I’m a writer and I must write, not just to get words on the paper, but to purge my mind and soul, and bleed the whisperings of my heart onto the pages.

Right now, I’m finishing up a Flash Fiction piece for the upcoming MashStories Competition, I’m working on a piece of fiction for my website here, I have a horror Short Story in progress for another upcoming Competition, I’m cutting down a 4000 word Short Story to 3000 words so I’m basically deconstructing it and putting it all back together for yet another Competition, and still researching Agents for my Memoir, all the while inching slowly forward on two WIP full-length novels and an untitled horror Novella that’s approaching novel status. That’s a lot to juggle around my Westie, Angel, my family and this piddly thing I call extra curricular activities such as, going out to dinner, or spending the night out with friends! Like you, I’m one busy girl, but you know what? I like it like that!

Pop back often to see what other craziness my life is full of, and in the meantime, you stay your glorious you, because I’m Just Me . . .

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