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Happy Thanksgiving

To all my family and friends, near and far, I wish you a happy and blessed Thanksgiving Day!
It occurred to me that it’s kind of funny that we spend days in preparation for this one day, this one meal and I’ve pondered why . . .

Yes, while it’s true that we celebrate the bounty of the harvest on this traditional day, and it’s true that we celebrate our gratitude for family and friends, but do we really know what it is we are grateful for? I think I have learned the meaning of gratitude this past year. So much has happened over the last 11 months, things that I would’ve have never thought were survivable , but they were, and in the end, they made me stronger and more resilient and more . . . bendy. (lol) I’ve been stretched to the limits this year in every way possible, both awesome, and not so awesome. Major financial woes, multiple losses of little furry friends, and family health issues, along with my little Westie, Angel having cancer and going through surgery, but then the good stuff happened in there too! Major good stuff, like true miracles such as the birth of my Granddaughter, MaryJane. And then, even though my Angel had cancer, the surgery got all of it out and he’s on his way back to excellent health! Who knew one little white doggie could survive something so horrible and live to wag his tail again! He’s been the bravest of the brave!
And then there are the thousands of miracles that happen daily like the smile of a friend. The touch of my mom’s hand. The kissie monster from my Angel, and the coos and squeaks of my Lil’ Mouse, MaryJane. Sometimes, just having a hot cuppa tea at the end of the day is a miracle to me and the gratitude I feel to be able to smile at the end of the day, and say, Thank you Lord for getting me through one more day is a miracle and a blessing!
Things like being given the ability to write and finish a story. This year, I’ve written 5 novella’s, two partial novels and finished my full-length Memoir plus multiple short stories! The gratitude for the talent I’ve been entrusted with is immense!

So many, many things have happened that have taught me the meaning of true gratitude. And so as I enjoy a bountiful feast with family this Thanksgiving, I pray Father will continue to build me and help me learn the lessons I’ve yet to learn, and I hope that He will always keep me in His palm, gently teaching me and guiding me as I learn to be ever grateful, which makes me kinder and more compassionate towards others needs! I’m grateful for what I have learned this year and will continue to learn as I walk daily through this crazy thing called life! I am thankful that God is with me through all things . . .

Be blessed, my friends. <3

It’s been a while. My apologies.

It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to post anything on my website, so I thought I’d post a little something to share with you why that is, and why my writing journey has been waylaid just a tad and then some . . .

I’m shouting out a call to arms for your help! I have a campaign running to collect donations for my little Angel Please contribute and help save his life! Every dollar counts! It’s under Pattyann McCarthy, click on the contribute button where you can make a donation either thru PayPal or via a credit card. Angel and I need to raise $1500.00 to cover pre-surgical costs, the cost for his surgery and post-op and possible radiation therapy, and we’re 1 percent on our way towards our goal, running until December 1, 2014!

Let me tell you what’s been going on . . .
First, I’m a new Grandmom! My precious little Granddaughter was born October 16th and it was quite the struggle for her, but she arrived safe, sound and healthy and Mother and Child are both doing just fine, but it was quite a week of back and forth to the hospital and trying to maintain life at home.

Right after my Granddaughter came home from the hospital, my little Westie, Angel was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on his rear leg. His doctor did all the appropriate tests to conclude the diagnosis and now he is facing surgery this coming Monday to have it removed, and I’m a mess. He’s okay; in fact, he doesn’t seem to worry about his impending surgery in the least, but me? I’m a sniveling mess! But that’s not to say he isn’t affected at all. The truth is, he’s in pain, but he’s one hell of a trooper trying to make me feel better about all of this! He cuddles nice and close to me at bedtime, and he tries to act like he’s okay, but I can see the pain on his face and the slowness of his gait, the limp he’s developed and that he doesn’t want to play much anymore. Like I said, “A trooper!”

Today, Angel got his tubby and his nails trimmed in preparation for his upcoming surgery, and he even got a little haircut so he’s comfortable for his recuperation and Lord knows how long it will be before he’s up and about and able to have me groom him again. So, I’m doing all I can to get him ready, and through it all,  I’m still a mess.

Prayers for Angel please that he makes it through his surgery with flying colors, and prayers for me, that I can sleep at least a little each night since I haven’t been able to sleep an entire night since his diagnosis.

As I said in the beginning, I’m running a campaign through to raise donations for his surgery. Even though I am a writer, I’ve yet to earn a single cent on my work, and right now, I have a very fixed income that doesn’t allow for extras like our own home, or tires for my car, or for either me or Angel to get sick, and I’m scared that I will lose him if he doesn’t have the surgery, so I have it scheduled and am hoping for a miracle that a human angel or several will help to save Angel’s life. That would be the best Christmas present ever is to have Angel by my side and healthy while he lays and stares at the manger and the Christ-child Jesus, just like he does every single year, and should someone happen to open a present nearby, he’s always ready to help them unwrap it! he really loves opening prezzies; his or anyone’s! My Angel is one little weirdo, but then, that’s why I fell in love with him! If you knew him personally, you would too!

Angel and I are grateful for any contribution you can make to help pay for his surgery, and we say a huge, “THANK YOU!”cropped-PICTURES-from-DESK-TOP-047-e1408650254552.jpg