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A Little Thanksgiving Day Poem of Sarcasm??

Once upon a time there was a turkey, one that I’d pick out with mom,

The turkey was moist and delicious, but whose name was not said to be ‘Tom.’

Every Thanksgiving she’d say it, that it was time to go and fillet it.

Before that, Tom ran around every beginning, of Fall, trying to keep his head.

He knew Turkey lover’s abounded, with great dismay, he knew he’d be dead.

He felt lying on a table, on a platter surrounded by filling,
was a most unsuccessful outcome, for a turkey accustomed to thrilling.

His hens he did lay, on bright chilly days,
They’d cluck and they’d buck, and roll in the hay and afterwards, he would run away,

The hens did lay his eggs, and then have to beg,
to have him come sit on the nest, so they could have a rest.

Tom did what he did, and what he did was the best,
but after Thanksgiving, he was just like the rest.

He fed us our meal, and then his carcass to lay,
as we turned our attention to a cold Christmas Day.

Sharing Just a Skosh, and Then Some . .

Okay. I know I’ve been absent for a few weeks, but, as with everyone else, life is busy, as usual. I won’t bore you with all the tasks which begged for attention, and all the issues that have cropped up, but there is one very special task I’ve been tending to, which to me, is one of the most important of all, and that’s my ‘works in progress’! Yes. I said, “works.” I’m not going to share the title of these two books just yet. I’m not ready to fully unveil or disclose them at this time, but I’ll tell you a bit about each, and, to the one which is a humorous memoir, I’ve given an acronym. And that is, ‘TTITC’. I know you don’t understand what it stands for, and for now, that’s okay, but I have no doubt that when the title is shared, you will enjoy it!

Let me start with the book that has the farthest to go, and is taking the back burner temporarily, solely for the purpose of allowing me time to finish final edits on TTITC.

This novel is a story of fiction in the horror genre, or at least, I think I have the chops to make it really and truly ‘horror'(fying). I think I do, but I suppose that will come down to you Dear Reader, and you will tell me whether or not you think it worthy of that classification. I have quite a way to go in that story and I’m only on chapter eight. And that is only the bare bones of it. Of course, being the anal retentive perfectionist I am, I’m re-writing and finagling as I go along, which, as you know if you are a Writer, eats up more time. So, loooooong way to go.

The horror is about an unusual Witch, who has multiple gifts, and multiple enemies! I know every great story has antagonists, but this poor auburn-haired Witch doesn’t just have one or two antagonists, but a whole Coven full of them; twelve to be exact, all belonging to ‘The Children Of The Light.’ And all because she did something naughty! At least in the their eyes she did. Don’t let the name of the Coven fool you either, these women are anything other than filled with light! And it’s not just her they come against, but anyone who gets in their path.

There are also a few protagonists other than the auburn-haired Witch; everyone needs supporting actors, and then, many minor characters and locations. The story is set in Philadelphia, PA., which happens to be my hometown and one that I miss. I’ve managed to incorporate a little of Philly’s reality into my make-believe scenery from the realm of my imagination. There are twists and turns, multiple plots with strands going here and there and then tie-up nicely with a surprise ending!

I know I really haven’t told you much, have I? I have my reasons, the main one is simply because my story is only at chapter eight, and anything can happen in between here and the end. I’m not an overly outline driven kind-of-gal. Oh, don’t you worry, I have one, I just don’t always adhere to its form. That is to say, if the story starts to go another direction, I’ll usually run with it! I know what it is that I want you to know, and those things I want to show you, and I know the scenes I have to have in the story to drive the plot to its successful and creepy finale, but what I don’t know in an outline, is about the little nuances the story develops on its own. In other words, what the story wants to show you, and I’m a-okay with that! I like when even I am surprised! I love when the sick and twisted, or the horrifying comes frothing to the top, rearing its ugly head and screams to be written! When my stories start to write themselves, and I’m simply the fingers the characters and plots use to get their words out, that to me, is the very best kind of writing! I don’t mind taking a back seat to my story, just so long as you, Dear Reader will enjoy it, and if you’re into the horror genre, I have every faith that you will!

Now because that story has a long way to go, I’ve decided to change gears a little bit, and concentrate on my memoir, which in reality, was my first book to begin with. Well, not really my first. There have been many stories written over my lifetime, just none that I; A: Either didn’t finish, and shelved entirely, or B: Grew bored with, and discarded, or just didn’t like or enjoy very much, or C: (And this is the really hurtful one, borne entirely from my own immaturity and stupidity..) Had a finished manuscript ready to be pitched and marketed, was counseled by some old, narrow-minded ninny who claimed to be my friend, and, because she didn’t like my subject matter because it offended her sensibilities, suggested that I “BURN” said manuscript, because she felt it was only therapeutic to my mental status to do so! And, I, believed that she, being an elder and mature Christian mentor to me in my Church home thought she knew best, and I burnt my beloved, my first, and entirely un-duplicatable -(I know that’s not a word, but it seems to be the only accurate one at the moment!)- book!!! BURNT it! To cinders.. ashes to ashes.. never to be written the same again.. !!!

Phew! Glad to get that off my chesticles. (Yes, yes, I know that’s not a word either, but ahem, this is my story I’m telling, so…) That’s been bugging me for twenty-some odd years! I’ve carried the guilt of burning my first fully-written book (my baby), the burden of my stupidity, the stress of trying to replicate it for two decades, and it sucks to admit, that I should have known better. Period. (Just warranted repeating.) Thank God and all that’s holy, that after all these years, I still possess and retain the only known proof that that book ever existed at all; I still have all of the character profiles I’d created back then. I remember exactly how the book opened in its first paragraph -your first sentence is not something you easily forget about, is it?- and I remember how the book ended, but, what I absolutely cannot remember, is the main body of that book! I sort of remember, but not quite. Yes, yes. I hear all of you out there reading and who are feeling my pain, screaming at me to not try to replicate it, but write something else with those profiles, and I’m going to scream back at you, “Don’t you think I’ve tried???” I have. Nothing seems to be good enough! Twenty plus years, twenty-plus new and different story plots, outlines, versions, and nada. Nothing. Zilch! Maybe one day, but today is not that day! It’s a pitiful and sad excuse, but that’s what I’ve been doing with my time for these twenty years, well, until four or five years ago anyway.

Ha! Do you see what I mean about not following outlines. I had no intention w-h-a-t-s-o-e-v-e-r of telling you any of that, but since this, the writing, and sometimes ranting of my blog is my therapy, I’m thinking maybe I needed to tell you that story, and I have to say, I do feel a bit better, thanks! Maybe that’s what I needed to find closure with the issue? Maybe.

Now, on to the humorous memoir, ‘TTITC’. This novel is an easier story for me to tell you about! I’ve been working at it on again, off again over the last four or five years, and the story is one that I have a love-hate relationship with. Actually, there are times when I hate myself for putting pen to paper, and then there are times when I feel it is well-deserved, and one that I know thousands of you out there can, and will relate to. I’m quite familiar with the impetus for this story which is not necessarily a good thing, but I try to find the silver lining in all situations, even when the issue itself may be wrought with tears, or anger, or disgust, and I prefer to laugh. So I’ve made something hysterical, to me at least, and to the others that have read or reviewed it, out of something that wasn’t really funny to begin with. Having told you that, you should know, each chapter in my story paints and portrays a different picture over the course of the novel and all culminates to a perfect conclusion!

And so, out of the ashes of a marriage, ‘TTITC’ was birthed! Like a Phoenix rising up from the cinders to a renewed life, so ‘TTITC’ has renewed my spirit, my way of thinking, and a renewed sight for my future!

A close personal friend of mine, Christopher Clawson, (you can find him here. ) a Published Author of ‘Bless Me Father,’ and ‘TheTrade,’ and has two WIP, sent me a text after he read ‘TTITC’ and described how he tried to read it to his partner, but was laughing so hard he cried, and had to have his partner read it for himself because he couldn’t see! He described ‘TTITC’ as “A read me on a nasty day, and don’t put me down until I’m finished book!” I am honored and grateful for his words!

Thanks for reading my meanderings. Remember, I write because, I’m Just Me…